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Month: June 2021

Gut Can Be Happy tai chai

Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi? Tai means sublime, great, supreme. Chi means extreme, ultimate, or whatever. Chuan means palm, boxing, or fist. More precisely, the two words “Tai” and “chi” mean “Supreme Ultimate”, representing the “Cosmos” with the operating principles of yin and yang. Pinyin taijiquan, Wade-Giles Romanization, Tai Chi Chuan, (Chinese: ” supreme ultimate fist …

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Gut Can Be Happy sunbath


What is Sunbathing? Sunbathing, which is lying or sitting in the sun, sometimes with the intention of tanning, can have some health benefits if done correctly. Life on earth is unimaginable without the sun. Natural light is essential for our health and well-being. Sunlight helps regulate our body’s natural rhythms, and not getting enough of …

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LISS cardio  

                                 LISS cardio Definition of LISS cardio LISS (Low-intensity steady-state) is a form of cardiovascular exercise. You will do an aerobic activity at low to moderate intensity for a permanent and often extended period. LISS is a cardio workout where you sustain the same low-intensity step (i.e., steady-state) for a set period, generally for at …

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Amino Acids

            Amino Acid Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. They play an important role in a metabolic pathway,  gene expression , building muscles, causing chemical reactions within the body, transporting nutrients, preventing illness, and  cell  signal transduction An amino acid is a type of organic compound that consists of a …

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What are GMOs?

   GMOs GMO stands for the genetically modified organism, and it refers to any organism whose DNA has been modified using genetic engineering technology.In the food industry, GMO crops have added genes to them for various reasons, such as improving their fertility, nutrient content, sustainability, pest resistance, and ease of cultivation. Although it is possible …

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Gut Can Be Happy glands

The Function of Adrenal glands

                         Adrenal Gland Adrenal glands (suprarenal glands) are triangular-shaped, small glands located on top of both kidneys. Adrenal glands produce hormones that help regulate many functions in your body. These hormones respond to stress, regulates blood pressure, immune system, metabolism, and other essential functions. Parts of Adrenal glands The cortex and the medulla are the …

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