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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is ancient medicine and practice from India. Ayurveda believes that following the right dietary regimen, that by itself becomes the body’s treatment. If people’s diet is improper, no matter what medicine or diet they try to follow, that will not take care of the core issue. And if you take care of the core issue— by fixing your diet, there is no need to follow certain diets to achieve health and healing. Here we are going to explain what an Ayurvedic Diet believes and consists of.

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Ayurveda believes in the following rules:


Diet has to be simple


1.Heart Health
2.Strong bones and teeth
3.Better mood and energy levels
4.Improved memory and brain health


Food needs to be easily digestible


Reduce high blood pressure
Lower high cholesterol
Improve your well-being
Improve your ability to fight off illness


Meals need to be taken in small quantity


Mini-meals can aid in satisfying the
stabilizing blood sugar levels
providing nutrients ...........

It also divides food into three types:

  1. They build you up by adding vitality and energy to your system
  2. They are balanced and nourishing
  3. They are not heavy or irritating.
  4. They provide you with calm, harmonious energy and alertness
  1. These types cause distress to the body, and can contribute to disease
    Example: Coffee, tea, tobacco
  2. They energize you, but cause you to become restless.
  3. They are usually cooked too much, which affect the stimulation of the nervous system and metabolism.
  4. Because they taste good, you might over-indulge and not listen to your body’s signal that you are no longer hungry
  1. They lack vitality.
  2. They are heavy, gross, dead.
  3. They cause your system to accumulate them and can cause degenerative diseases (such as atherosclerosis, arthritis, obesity).
  4. No energy is given to the individual with such foods.
  5. Can cause irritability, relentlessness that can lead to being mean or thoughtless.

What do we recommend:

– If you have a weaker digestion, try to go for less protein. This gives you a break to your GI tract while it is trying to get stronger.

– Drink water or liquids half an hour after you have eaten. Taking them right away interferes with your digestion process.


More Info and Resources:

According to, the word human was humane up until the 1700s, which meant “only the nobler or gentler aspects of people…of courtesy and refinement”. With our current lifestyles, the world sees less of these so called humane. The diet has a direct link to the way we act, feel and are. As the common saying goes, we are what we eat. Let us embrace our humanity and follow a diet that causes a peaceful physical and mental nature. The following rules help with creating a balanced state at all levels. It helps with higher cognitive function and emotional wellness as well.

Three things to consider are the quality of food, the quantity of food and the state of mind while eating the food.

  1. We have a guide on how to improve and take quality foods. Please view it here.
  2. As for quantity of food, the general rule is to eat until you are half full. Leave a quarter room in your belly for your liquid intake. Leave the last quarter empty for your body’s better elimination process.
  3. For your state of mind while eating, we recommend to find a peaceful environment to eat. If your mind is being very busy, try to meditate for a minute or two to calm it down. When overthinking, you can lose touch with your body. You can over-eat and not pay attention to what you are eating. We need you to pay attention to your chewing to make sure you chew until your foods are liquid before you swallow. Any tension, whether internal (thinking) or external (loud, restless, tense environment) is better to be eliminated and avoided.
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