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Bach Flower Panel


Are you interested in learning which flower essences best resonates with your state of body and emotion at the moment?

We have measured the frequency waves (in Hertz) of every Bach flowers– all 38 of them! Once we receive your voice and picture, we will cross-examine your voice’s frequency wave across these flower essence’s waves. Your final report will show you which flower essences you will best benefit at the moment. Click here to view a sample of result template and to see which items are included.

Receive your report within 24 hours!


Bach Flowers have been called the “Emperor’s Flower” because they can help one’s body to achieve an incredible state of relaxation, due to their unique natural formulation that effectively stimulates the nervous system to heal itself.

Whether you are trying to help your emotional state, mental state, or ease the symptoms of physical pain, Bach’s flower essences are a safe and effective way to do so.

Click here to see which Bach Flowers are included.

–> Click here to learn about Bach Flowers in our Wellness Hub.



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