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Brain Optimized and Cognitive Enhancement Program


This is a one week program.

We will do a 30 min biofeedback balancing session for you, along with a report of what was harmonized. You will also receive an audio file of your customized frequencies that will help you with elevating your mood for the next 7 days!

Click here to view what’s tested.

Biofeedback Brain Optimized and Cognitive Enhancement program is a biofeedback balancing session! We test you across 67 of our programmed items in this panel. Then, we do a balancing biofeedback sessions of any stress disturbances that were seen within those items.

You can click here to see the result template guide that you’ll receive from us. It will also show the list of items that we’ll test and harmonize for you.

Upon your purchase, you’ll receive an emailed copy of your order email with instructions on how to submit your sample to us. We use voice and image technology to assess your health.

Afterwards, your report and audio will be sent within 24 hours!


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