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Who Are We?

We are the pioneers of advanced health and weight release. We create a customized guideline according to what your body tells us. This gives all the necessary information that you need to achieve your optimum state of health. Currently, there is a lot of frustration on what diet to choose, what exercise to do, what foods to avoid. We eliminate all that! Health is a personal journey. One-for-all type of a diet often does not produce the desired weight loss effect. And if it does, it may be temporary or cost you your health.

We eliminate guesswork. Matter of health is an exact-science and it should not be generalized. Let us use our super advanced software and technology to take out guesses and give you results.

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Our Motto

Liberate Yourself


Our company motto is Liberate Yourself. We have analyzed all the healthy diets and even the trending diets that are around these days. We have considered their good points and their weaknesses and what they’ve neglected to consider. Here we liberate ourselves from restrictive diet pressure. Our company believes that rules for diet, lifestyle and health need to be in our service, not the reverse! Throughout our site and our services, you will find pointers on how to liberate yourself from these rules and pressures. Through this freeing concept, we present to you an advance approach towards health and wellness. Let’s be liberated!

Our Happy Customers

“I love the Be You Diet! I love the resources and support I have received over the course of my membership. It was definitely a transformative experience for me.”

Amy J., San Francisco, CA

“My daughter had skin problems and we tried to get help from so many doctor and no one could figure out what was actually wrong with her. We were introduced to this company by a friend. After 17 days, all of her skin rashes are gone!”

Jeff C., New York, NY

“I always wanted to reach my ideal weight and constantly went with the trendy diets. Nothing worked and the result were all temporary. I feel very comfortable with Be You Diet. I have received incredible amount of support and resources and am shedding off those pounds!”

Carly M., Reno, NV

Your Body Talks

And we can listen…

If you have gone through much diets and don’t see results, you have come to the right place. If you have done diets, but see temporary results, you have come to the right place. And, if you are skeptical of diets because you are not sure what their effects are on your body, you have also come to the right place!

We will help you find your diet that is customized according to your own body. Our sophisticated advanced software allows us to translate the language of electromagnetic field of your body to plain-English! Okay, let us rewind back a bit…. According to science, we are all made of atoms which is a ball of charges—electrons, nucleus, protons. When bunch of atoms come together, their electrons bond and create a molecule. These molecules go on connecting and create a matter of some sort— strawberry, desk, you, the possibilities are endless! Every atom has its own electric field. Now imagine, an average person is made of seven billion billion billion atoms, so basically we are a collection of these electric fields. So, technically, every process that is keeping you alive is coming from an electric field that some part of your body is creating.

Quantum science makes us aware that all of our health information is encoded in this energetic field of our body. And today, with the right tool, science has allowed us to tap into this energetic information field and assess what each human body needs to take, avoid, what diet to follow, and so much more.

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Our Resonance Biofeedback Technology

According to quantum science, everything has a specific bio-resonance frequencies which is emitted at all times. From nature to human, measurable frequencies are generated from their quantum bio-field. Science has measured these frequencies both when generated in harmony and balance, and in distress and disharmony.

Gut Can Be Happy

Human’s voice is created by the internal body communications with the brain. The brain cells store an immense amount of information to be utilized by the body. The body systems, cells, organs give out vibrations and signals regarding their state of health, functions and whatever that is going on with them to the brain to record and collects. In order to produce voice, the brain signals the vagus nerve to communicate with the larynx and the vocal cords to produce voice. Vagus nerve is the longest nerve of our autonomic nervous system. It carries information to the body from the brain and vice versa. That is why according to what state of health one is, the voice’s vibration and frequency is affected. And such process has been researched on more than 45,000 individuals, and researchers have found that by analyzing the vocal code itself, you are able to assess the body’s condition and state of health.


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A person’s health data can be analyzed through a special mathematical algorithm called the Fast Fourier Transform, developed by Carl Friedrich Gauss. This Fast Fourier Algorithm helps with data processing of image and audio. It decomposes the received frequency signal. Combined with quantum’s constituent frequencies that are emitted at all times, this FFT algorithm uses the data it receives to filter transmission audio and image and generate a report of the state of health.

Gut Can Be Happy uses quantum software that has already pre-programed the frequencies for health elements such as food, mold, vitamin, mineral, body system, etc. These are the generated vibrations of when for example those food or vitamins are in a balance state. Then, we take the client’s voice and image, and cross-examine and test it with all the installed and programmed frequencies along with the Fast Fourier digital analysis program in the software. When these two sets of frequencies meet, if the client is facing any allergies or sensitivities will be indicated in the report as distressed activity and reactions in person’s profile.

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